…. une ville dont le mystère est justement de n’être plus qu’un réseau de circulation incessante, irréelle —- ville d’une 
étendue fabuleuse, mais sans espace, sans dimensions.
“   Jean Baudrillard, 1981.



An afternoon of a XXIst Century man in a XXIst Century city.




The short film NEXT EXIT aims to show the XXI century city as a “molecular organization of spaces and their networking.” (C. Hight , 2004, “Inertia and Interiority”)  and speculate about its possible consequences  in human interaction. Specifically, this project explores how the car and the highway become primary connectors/dividers of human experiences – where public space is no longer the space of human interaction. Instead, places of personal interaction become nodes dispersed around the suburban metropolis. We like to think of the film as an update of the “architectural” films of the 60’s. In particular, films that  explore the XXth century Modernist city and the effects of post-war architecture on the quality of life, but in our case, we are dealing with a type of  XXI century city and its effects.  The core of the film comes from pairing up ideas of contemporary urbanism with current philosophical concepts of daily life, specifically ideas of the objectification of the self and human disconnection in the XXI century . A narrative approach helps to emphasize the exploratory nature of this project.